Seminar: Sublimation and the sublime, the alchemy of mind



seminar, 9 December 2023

The mind or ‘thinking cogito’, as we named it, is the most eccentric of all human capacities to perceive, operate and create. It has no body, yet its basic tools – concepts and essences – are very powerful. They offer a perspective on life, which is from above and neutral, bringing freedom and non-attachment of living – indeed, the sublime. The alchemy of the mind is traditionally called sublimatio. This is a process in which the material of our lives evaporates into knowledge about ourselves. The process involves the workings of transiting Saturn and Uranus, which we will explore in some depth.


The seminar take place online via Zoom on Saturdays between 4.30 and 6.30 pm CEST.
There is 120-minute time format, of which 90 minutes is the theoretical presentation, followed by a 30 minutes workshop, where we are going to work with the IPAL Method with two participants from the group. The cost of each seminar is 39,50 €, payable via paypal or SEPA account payment.
Contact: info@ipal.si, +386 (40) 518 045

Ddr. Matjaž Regovec, holds doctorates in psychology and philosophy. Trained and qualified originally as a Jungian, he is nowadays an independent psychoanalyst at the IPAL Institute. Having been working as a psychoanalyst and a psychotherapist for 30 years now, he also offers some individual consultations with the IPAL Method. He is the author of numerous books in Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian, Russian and English language. He lectures and holds workshops worldwide.