Seminar: The Alchemy Of Relationships



seminar, 7 October 2023

In this introductory seminar to the series, we are going to explore some basic tenets of the traditional alchemy as art and science. We are going to deal with the four elementary processes – the burning (calcinatio), solidifying (coagulatio), evaporating (sublimatio) and dissolving (solutio), as well as the three phases – the starting blackness (nigredo), the developing whiteness (albedo) and the final redness of full life (rubedo) and their corresponding planetary archetypes. We are going to see how alchemy can be used as the basic tool of relatedness – both to our own inner selves, as well as to important others and the collective.


The seminar is taking place online (via Zoom) on Saturday October 7th between 4.30 and 6.30 pm CEST.
There is 120-minute time format, of which 90 minutes is the theoretical presentation, followed by a 30 minutes workshop, where we are going to work with the IPAL Method with two participants from the group. The cost of each seminar is 39,50 €, payable via paypal or SEPA account payment.
Contact: info@ipal.si, +386 (40) 518 045

Ddr. Matjaž Regovec, holds doctorates in psychology and philosophy. Trained and qualified originally as a Jungian, he is nowadays an independent psychoanalyst at the IPAL Institute. Having been working as a psychoanalyst and a psychotherapist for 30 years now, he also offers some individual consultations with the IPAL Method. He is the author of numerous books in Slovenian, Serbian, Hungarian, Russian and English language. He lectures and holds workshops worldwide.